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11 Days of Silence From Sam Brown: When Will Brown Answer Questions About His Politically Expedient Shell PAC?

DATE: 08.23.2023

11 Days of Silence From Sam Brown
When Will Brown Answer Questions About His Politically Expedient Shell PAC?

It’s been eleven days since Sam Brown’s politically expedient PAC came under fire for utilizing donor-raised funds to pay off debts from his previous failed campaign, prompting Nevadans to ask when Brown will start answering questions and be transparent with GOP primary voters.

According to CNN, “the group donated less than 7% of its funds to the candidates it was set up to support.” Brown’s PAC, Duty First, which was formed to pump up Brown’s political bona fides and to help the party in theory, has used over half of the amount raised this year to pay for outstanding debts from Brown’s campaign against Adam Laxalt in 2022. Critics are now claiming that Brown’s PAC is a shell organization operating as a slush fund to get himself out of political debt.

Brown has yet to comment on the allegations, but it seems he believes he can distract voters by having his Super PAC field a biased poll paid for by slush fund money and pitching new stories about Jacky Rosen’s lavish spending habits. A spokesperson for the Democratic party confirmed that the story was planted by Sam Brown’s PAC to divert attention away from Brown’s monetary troubles.

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate weighed in on the reports:

“It’s time for Sam Brown to start answering questions. This is a red flag on multiple levels, Brown amassing that kind of debt, using donor money to pay it off and trying to distract voters without answering questions. The irony of using slush fund money to pay for a poll to distract Nevada voters from the fact that Sam Brown used donor money to pay off his debt isn’t lost on us,” said Grady, “Whether you are Jacky Rosen and the campaign funds were spent lavishly or Sam Brown and misused funds to pay off personal debts, voters should be concerned. Nevadans need transparency in leadership, not another politician looking to get ahead by deceiving donors. We’ve had enough deception from Jacky Rosen, I will be the senator they can trust.”

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