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Retired Brigadier General, Nellis Air Force Base, Rob Novotny Weighs in on Sam Brown PAC Scandal

Tony Grady, Republican for U.S. Senate, released a statement last week about Sam Brown’s PAC paying off his personal debts and using PAC money to fund his own poll. 

Now, fellow Air Force academy graduate, retired Brigadier General and Grady for Senate Spokesman, Rob Novotny weighed in on the scandal: 

It is unacceptable that a fellow academy grad would mislead donors by saying that their hard-earned money would go to support fellow candidates and then use that money to pay off personal debts,” said Novotny. “Regardless of what military academy you graduate from, we’re all taught the same honor code: We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does. That code is foundational to our service to the nation…we must be trustworthy, and our word is our bond. This doesn’t seem like an accident and it’s only appropriate for Sam to take responsibility and make it right.”

Sam Brown’s evasiveness on the scandal was only exacerbated by his insider interview with a DC outlet Punchbowl News where he didn’t offer any explanations for the donor scandal. Brown claims to be an “outsider,” but he has become exactly the politician that Nevadans have come to distrust.  

Tony Grady will continue to run a campaign with integrity and fight to ensure that other candidates are held to the same standards.

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