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A Month of Silence From Sam Brown When Will Brown Answer Questions About His Politically Expedient Shell PAC?

It’s been thirty-one days since Sam Brown’s PAC was exposed for utilizing donor-raised funds to pay off debts from his previous failed campaign with the PAC donating less than 7% of funds to candidates it was created for.

Brown has yet to come clean and speak to his donors or Nevada voters about why he would utilize donor funds for personal debts and they are taking notice.

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate issued a statement:

“Thirty-one days of silence from Sam is shameful and we know that he knows Nevadans deserve an explanation,” said Grady “It’s disingenuous to continue campaigning and playing politics for DC elites when voters at home have serious questions about Brown’s actions. I will continue to fight for better for Silver Staters.”

While Sam Brown dodges questions about his fraudulent campaign finances, Tony Grady, the true grassroots candidate, will run a race voters can be proud of.

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