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Tony Grady Received Endorsement from Joe Brown

This week, U.S. Senate candidate Tony Grady received an endorsement from distinguished Republican leader Joe Brown. This endorsement underscores Grady’s commitment to bringing people from all backgrounds together to work toward a stronger and more prosperous Nevada.

Joe Brown, an attorney, former appointee of President Ronald Reagan to the State Justice Institute and the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States, previous RNC National Committeeman, and respected figure in the Republican Party, believes that Tony Grady is the candidate who will represent the interests of all Nevadans effectively. 

Brown said, “I know Tony is dedicated to the principles of limited government, personal freedom, and economic growth that make him the right choice for Nevada. He is a leader who listens to the concerns of the people and works tirelessly to find solutions that benefit our great state. He has broad command experience that would make him an immediate leader in the Senate. I offer my full endorsement for this upstanding man and look forward to watching him fight for the Silver State.

Grady expressed his gratitude for Joe Brown’s endorsement, saying, “I am honored to have the support of Joe Brown, a strong voice in the Republican Party. Joe has been a tireless advocate for conservative values and has shown a commitment to bringing people together for the betterment of our state. I look forward to working closely with him and all Nevadans to build a brighter future for our families, businesses, and communities.

Tony Grady’s campaign has gained momentum recently with support from a wide range of individuals and organizations across Nevada. His pragmatic approach to problem-solving and his focus on creating opportunities for Nevadans have resonated with voters of all backgrounds. 

While Sam Brown hides behind his D.C. donors and ignores questions about his PAC scandal, Tony Grady will continue to put in the work at home. 

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