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Tony Grady Highlights Need for Fiscal Responsibility in D.C.

Today, U.S. Senate candidate Tony Grady released a statement outlining the need for fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C. As the stalemate in Congress continues and a government shutdown seems imminent, it is clear we need leaders in Washington who will be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars.

“It is clear Washington needs to start making tough decisions or the next generations will be working for China. In Washington, I will be that Senator. From my time as Combined Test Team Director in the Air Force’s B-2 program to working at the Pentagon on the president’s defense budget, I know what it takes to make tough decisions. I’m confident my skills as a leader and problem solver will benefit me and Nevadans in the Senate because Jacky Rosen and Joe Biden need to be held accountable. I am the only candidate in this race who has demonstrated I can be a good steward of other people’s money,” Grady said.

Tony Grady has had extensive experience advising on military spending and advocating for increased security budgets that continue to protect Americans today. Unlike his opponents who are already embroiled in financial scandals, Tony Grady will always hold himself to a higher standard.

Nevadans deserve a leader who can be trusted to advocate for fiscal responsibility and Tony Grady is that candidate.

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