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Yesterday, U.S. Senate candidate Tony Grady released a statement outlining the need for fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C. As the stalemate in Congress continues and a government shutdown seems imminent, it is clear we need leaders in Washington who will be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars.

Brown’s campaign came under fire more than a month ago for misusing campaign funds to pay off prior campaign debts. Brown has yet to respond to the allegations which proves that he does not believe Nevadans deserve to know why he misallocated campaign funds for his previous campaign’s use.

Jacky Rosen also proved she cannot be trusted with Nevadan’s money. From signing on to a number of measures that increase taxes or cut jobs for Silver Staters to spending on luxury travel accommodations when she is supposed to be working, she has made it clear she has no regard for taxpayer money.

“My background in the Air Force and advising in the Pentagon proves that I am the fiscally responsible candidate,” said Grady in a statement. “While Sam Brown shows that he does not have what it takes to lead America out of debt, and Jacky Rosen makes life more difficult for Nevadans, I will continue to fight for what is best for our state.”

Tony Grady is the only candidate in the race with the experience and ability to help balance the country’s checkbooks and bring commonsense alternatives to the Senate.

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