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Tony Grady for Nevada Statement on Averted Government Shutdown

Today, Tony Grady, U.S. Senate candidate for Nevada, released a statement about the averted government shutdown:

“We have real problems Washington needs to fix – a border crisis where we are seeing 10,000 illegal immigrants coming across daily, a $1.3 trillion deficit that Joe Biden keeps adding to with inflationary spending. I’m glad Washington averted a shutdown because they would have left members of the military and border patrol going without pay, but now Washington needs to work through the right budget processes to fix these problems because status quo is not an option.

Before today the media allowed the Senate, including Jacky Rosen, to skate free without passing any appropriations bills. Congress must return to the Constitutionally established appropriations process so we don’t keep swinging from continuing resolution to continuing resolution which only hurts our long term fiscal situation and military readiness.”

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