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Nearly Two Months of Silence From Sam Brown How Can We Trust Brown in Government When He Refuses to Answer Questions About His Politically Expedient Shell PAC?

It’s been fifty-three days since Sam Brown’s PAC was exposed for utilizing donor-raised funds to pay off debts from his previous failed campaign with the PAC donating less than 7% of funds to candidates it was created for.

Brown has yet to come clean and speak to his donors or Nevada voters about why he would utilize donor funds for campaign debts and they are taking notice.

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate issued a statement:

“How can we trust Sam to be the solution to our government spending problem in Washington when he refuses to answer questions about his own spending problems and politically expedient PAC?” said Grady “In the midst of a government shutdown, Nevadans need to know that they can trust their representative with the country’s budget and Sam has proven that he cannot be trusted.”

Tony Grady has experience living through military budget cuts during the Carter Administration and was a budget advisor in the Pentagon during the Clinton Administration. He knows how detrimental it can be for America’s armed forces to have their resources cut and he knows what it takes to keep large scale budgets operational. While Brown avoids the press and his scandal, Grady will continue to call for accountability from Nevada’s candidates.

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