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LAS VEGAS, NV – In case you missed it, the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a poll on behalf of Sam Brown that proves one thing: the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada is anything but decided. Although D.C. elites would like you to believe that Sam Brown is the winning candidate and Sam Brown is counting on his coronation as the nominee, Nevada primary voters are still undecided and are telling a different story.

The poll also confirms that voters are tired of the rubber stamp representation of Jacky Rosen. She has been ineffectual in avoiding a government shutdown, has done nothing to reduce the extreme costs across the state, and has been reactive in dealing with the crisis in the Middle East. Rosen is clearly not who voters want, but it’s also clear that Brown isn’t the alternative they’re looking for.

Sam Brown’s PAC scandal, coupled with the fact that he has been hand selected by Washington, D.C. make him a tough sell. Brown has run two unsuccessful campaigns, one in Texas and one in Nevada, and the voters have already decided they want a different candidate.

Tony Grady, retired Lt. Colonel and B-2 test pilot, offers a different direction for Nevadans. Grady is not beholden to D.C. interests, like Brown and Rosen, and has made a commitment to fight for the needs of Silver Staters. Grady weighed in on the poll below:

“This race is wide open for the taking. Jacky Rosen has proven she doesn’t have what it takes to represent Nevadans and Sam Brown was already rejected by voters in 2022. Nevadans don’t need Washington, D.C. to pick their candidate, they’re capable of doing that on their own and I think this poll proves that. I will keep working to earn their vote and run a race Nevadans can be proud of.”

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