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It’s clear that President Biden has lost touch with reality because he mistakenly believes that Americans are better off now than they were three years ago. Since he took office, Biden has brought nothing but difficulty to the American people and 88% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Let’s recap some of the damage President Biden has done since taking office:

Americans have lost an average of $7,400 since Biden took office and cite that the economy is their top concern – while the president says “Bidenomics” has been a success, people putting groceries back on the shelves and barely scraping by to make ends meet beg to differ.
The border has seen tens of thousands of people entering our country illegally everyday – this is the most extreme influx in years.
Failures in the Middle East and Ukraine in addition to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan have caused Americans to question the President’s foreign policy decisions, which have made us less safe.
The scandals hounding President Biden as a result of his son’s shady business dealings continue to mount – not only does this increase the need for transparency, it leaves Americans concerned that the president has been embroiled in illegal activities as well.
China and Russia have been emboldened to act aggressively because of Biden’s continued weakness in their international interactions.
And lastly, Americans are less safe in their neighborhoods because of Biden’s soft-on-crime policies and only 14% think he is doing a good job handling rising crime.

The list could go on, but the reality is that the last thing Americans need is another four years of Biden’s bumbling. Democrats are even attesting to the fact that his bad polling and policies are dragging them down, confirming what we have known for weeks: Rosen is distancing herself from Biden to try to save her seat.

“Jacky Rosen has enabled President Biden to harm America’s future because she has been a rubber stamp to his policies. It’s clear that she is just as much to blame as the president even as she attempts to distance herself from their record,” said Tony Grady in a statement. “Ever since Joe Biden took office, he has made life more difficult for Nevadans. I am running because I don’t like the path our country is on and a majority of Americans agree with me. Come November, we will send a message to Rosen and Biden that enough is enough.”

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