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President Biden and Democrats like Jacky Rosen have shown that they do not have the military understanding to de-escalate the war in the Middle East or protect the U.S. military from terrorist attacks around the world. While he was unaware of the whereabouts of the Defense Secretary, Iran and anti-American forces have amplified their attacks. All the while, Rosen has been silent and done nothing to stand up to the president’s poor decisions that have put the country in danger.

These are the events of the last couple weeks because of Biden’s reactionary policies:
– Iran seized a U.S. owned oil-tanker off the coast of Oman
– Two U.S. Navy SEALs were lost at sea during a mission to collect weapons from Houthi rebels
– Houthi rebels advanced in the Red Sea prompting attacks from the U.S.
– Iran fired missiles near U.S. Consulate in Iraq
– The Islamic Resistance released a drone targeting U.S. facilities
– U.S. Central Command apprehended advanced conventional weapons intended for Houthis

Senator Jacky Rosen has proven to be ineffectual in protecting Americans from harm as more and more terrorist actions take place across the world. A true leader is needed to step up and project strength, not cower and create reactionary stop-gap measures as Biden and Rosen have. Tony Grady issued a statement on Democrats’ weakness:

“I have seen countries without a rule of law that operate under their own pretenses and make the rules as they go along: we must do everything we can to stifle those kinds of dictatorships, especially when their terrorist actions impact the lives of Americans. It was the honor of my life to have served in our Air Force for over twenty years, but we did not serve to now project weakness to the rest of the world. Biden and Rosen cannot be trusted with our country’s safety.”

Just today, the White House has re-designated Houthis as terrorists on the Specially Designated Global Terrorist list, a move that signals the continuing weakness from President Biden. President Trump designated Houthis as terrorists at the end of his administration, but President Biden removed them in early 2021. Why wouldn’t Jacky Rosen stand up for the safety of Americans and against removing known terrorists from the list? This action makes it clear: Biden is asleep at the wheel and his weakness is making America vulnerable.

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