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Over the past five years, Jacky Rosen has done little to improve the lives of Nevadans. When Rosen was in the U.S. House of Representatives, she was described as “politically invisible,” now, as her re-election hopes seem to drift further out of grasp, she is desperately trying to look like she’s finally working for Nevadans. But she’s Johnny Come Lately and isn’t doing anything to make their lives easier.

The latest issue is water and Rosen is scrambling to make Nevadans think she’s on top of it.

Here’s the problem: Nevada already has water issues that keep parts of the state in continual drought conditions because other states don’t hold up their end of the water agreement. Where would the water for this new project come from and, more importantly, what Nevada cities would suffer because of it? Additionally, we have seen the failures of housing first policies in California and Oregon, and what will keep these projects from siphoning money from Nevadans who need it most?

More than the bill being faulty, it’s concerning that Jacky Rosen has been relatively silent for five years, and then suddenly creates legislation clearly intended to show she is actually still a member of the Senate.

“Jacky Rosen isn’t fooling anyone. She has been biding her time, attending rallies for issues that aren’t affecting Nevadans’ day-to-day lives, and introducing one-off bills that go nowhere,” said Tony Grady in a statement. “The point of being a Senator is to take steps to change people’s lives for the better, not fly under the radar until it’s time to run for reelection. This bill has too many question marks in it to ever become law. When I am elected to the Senate, I will work every day to create meaningful improvements for Nevadans, not wait until it’s time to start my campaign again to prove I’ve done something for them.”

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