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WHERE IS ROSEN ON IMMIGRATION? Immigrant Charged With Rape Released In Boston

This is becoming a theme, national events show our United States Senator is once again missing in action. This week, an illegal immigrant charged with raping a developmentally disabled person was released back into Boston after being arrested by ICE earlier in the month. Because Boston is a sanctuary city and does not adhere to ICE guidelines, the criminal was released without further charges.

Jacky Rosen has voted against banning or defunding sanctuary cities twice and Democrats like her are always seeking to expand the rights of people who have entered the country illegally, even to the detriment of legal citizens. Rosen is a vocal supporter of DACA, and has not made her position on sanctuary cities explicit, but has lauded spending taxpayer dollars on people who are in the country illegally. Why won’t she come out and say that repeated acts of violence against citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants is wrong and that criminals should be punished?

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada, issued a statement:

“ Why are Democrats so intent on protecting people who are in our country illegally and are actively breaking our laws? Jacky Rosen and Democrats in Washington D.C. do not have their priorities straight if they think that it’s more important to protect illegal immigrants than law abiding Americans.

In the United States Senate, I will work to uphold the Constitution and ensure people are obeying the laws of our land. If I were to commit a crime that an illegal immigrant committed, there would be no flexibility in the law for me, there would be no safety in a sanctuary city for me. I will work hard to improve our immigration policies in Washington, D.C.”

Just as he protected the lives of all American citizens when he wore Air Force blue for twenty years, as a Senator, Tony Grady will work tirelessly to continue to protect them in D.C. Grady’s lifetime of service uniquely prepares him to serve and protect the citizens of Nevada while Jacky Rosen has voted against securing the border. She followed her vote against the border by virtue signaling with a letter to the president to work on improving border security. Flip flopping Rosen can’t have it both ways. While she ignores the declining safety of the American people, Tony Grady will continue to hold Democrats accountable and bring additional resources to border security.

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