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WHERE IS ROSEN ON HOUSING? Nevada Senator Silent on Housing Crisis

Jacky Rosen has spent the last five years virtually silent on issues facing Nevadans and now in an election year she’s scrambling for relevance. Turns out finding her accomplishments is more difficult than trying to locate Waldo at the gold rush. Now, she is attempting to make up for the last five years of inactivity by introducing legislation that has no hope of passing and signing onto any cause that her liberal colleagues are pushing.

Most recently, she’s signed a letter asking the Federal Reserve Chair to lower interest rates in order to make housing more affordable. Nevada has been facing a housing crisis for at least four years, and yet, Rosen is just now doing something to address it, but it’s still the bare minimum.

“There are a number of ways to address the housing crisis in Nevada, but waiting until the last few months before a reelection campaign would not be how I would approach the issue,” said Tony Grady in a statement. “Rosen has waited until the eleventh hour to spring into action for the Silver State, and she’s still falling short. President Biden’s policies have been a disappointment, and Jacky Rosen’s inaction is indicative of her commitment to Nevadans. I will be the proactive leader that brings solutions for our state, not one that waits until the last second to act.”

Rosen is only interested in participating in political theater or she would have acted on the crises facing Nevadans within her first year in the Senate. Instead, Silver Staters have had to suffer the consequences of her unwillingness to act on their behalf. When Tony Grady is elected, he will get to work immediately because he understands that thousands are depending on him.

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