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On Sunday night, Senate negotiators released a long-awaited border bill that leaves the country vulnerable to invasion by immigrants and drugs and wrongly links Ukraine and Israel funding to securing the border.

The bill would give the president the power to close the border if he deemed it an emergency and the text highlights that 8,500 people entering the border illegally would prompt such an emergency. However, this number is still below the 10,000 daily average crossings seen in the last few months, yet the president has yet to close the border or issue a state of emergency.

Jacky Rosen has come out in strong support of the bill, even though it leaves the United States’ safety compromised. Rosen has not done anything to secure the border in her last five years in the Senate, but now that she is up for reelection, she realizes it’s time to stop dragging her feet. The only problem? The border bill doesn’t go nearly far enough to protect Americans.

Instead of immediately closing the border to account for the thousands of people already here illegally, the bill allows the border to stay open every day until 8,500 people have entered, then gives DHS the authority to close the border if they deem it necessary. Additionally, taxpayers will pay for lawyers provided to migrants, immigration lawyers will no longer decide asylum claims, and the president will be allowed to suspend shut downs mandated by DHS.

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada issued the following statement:

“This border bill is not the kind of protection Americans have been waiting for, it’s amnesty under the cloak of border security. While illegal immigrants enter the country by the thousands, politicians are bickering about who should have the authority to close the border. The answer is simple: close the border immediately and send additional resources to Border Patrol. Where has Jacky Rosen been for the last five years on this crisis? She will support this measure because she is desperate for Nevadans to think she has been doing her job in the Senate, not just biding her time until the next election. Though this bill will do little to address the crisis we are facing, Rosen stands by it. We have had enough of lukewarm leadership from Biden and Rosen, it’s time to do better for our state and for our country.”

There are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants living in Nevada and an opioid crisis being fueled by open borders. From 2019-2020, opioid overdoses have increased by 55% and free entry into the country is only adding to that death toll. Biden’s weakness has gotten the country into the crisis it’s in and it will take strong conservative leadership to undo the damage he and Rosen have done.

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