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On Sunday night, Senate negotiators released the long-awaited border bill that still doesn’t address the need to immediately close the border. We need to get into long term immigration reform but before that can happen, Congress should be pushing the president to end any illegal entrance to the country now.

The bill would give the president the power to close the border if he deemed it an emergency and the text cites that 8,500 people entering the border illegally would prompt such an emergency. This number is still below the 10,000 daily average of the last few months, but the president has yet to close the border or issue a state of emergency.

This leaves Americans asking: what is Biden waiting for?

Tony Grady, candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s support for closing the border within the construct of the border bill shows he knows it’s a crisis and can take action now. It’s time to close down the border now and then we can talk about longer term immigration reform but not until then.There should be no argument over what number of entrances are too many, one illegal immigrant is too many. Why is Jacky Rosen allowing the president to get away with not immediately shutting down the border and declaring a state of emergency? The border crisis is the top public safety risk of the last few years, and she has gotten away with five years of ignoring it. When I am elected, I will advocate for strong measures that protect our country from foreign invasions and give border security the authority to detain and remove people attempting to cross illegally.”

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